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What are the Core Skills being Assessed by WorkKeys for NCRC’s?

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What are the Core Skills being Assessed by WorkKeys for NCRC’s?
The credential level – bronze, silver, gold – reflects the scores and skill levels of the student/jobseeker. The higher the student/jobseeker scores, the greater his/her ability to perform more complex tasks and qualify for a broader range of jobs. 



CRC gold.jpgBRONZE

Minimum score of 3 on all three Assessments
Student/jobseeker has skills for 35 percent of jobs today
Sample Jobs:
Bag Machine Operator, Certified Nurse Assistant, Correctional Officer, Electrician Helper, Fiberglass Assembler, Heavy Equipment Operator, Hose Assembler, Fork Lift Operator, Melting Technician, Plastic Molding Machine Operator, Production Associate, Teacher Aide, Mig Welder

CRC silver.jpgSILVER

Minimum score of 4 on all three Assessments
Student/jobseeker has skills for 65 percent of jobs today
Sample Jobs:
Accounting Clerk, Control Box Technician, Customer Service Representative, CNC Mill Operator, General Office Clerk, Industrial Maintenance Mechanic, Licensed Practical Nurse, Machinist, Pharmacy Technician, Processing Assembler, Radiologic Technologist, Refrigeration Mechanic, Sheet Metal Worker, Storage and Distribution Manager

CRC gold.jpg 

Minimum score of 5 on all three Assessments
Student/jobseeker has skills for 90 percent of jobs today
Sample Jobs:
A+ Certification, Auto CAD (Computer Aided Design), Computer Programmer, Construction Manager, Industrial Electrician, Electro-Mechanical Technician, Electronics Technician, IT Systems Administrator, Legal Secretary, Medical Lab Technician, Registered Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Semiconductor Processor, Supplier Quality Engineer

The credential level is determined by the minimum or lowest score across all three Assessments.  For example, a jobseeker who scores a 4 in Math, 4 in Reading and 3 in Locating Information earns a bronze certificate because the lowest of the three scores is 3. 


What if incumbent or job seeker want to determine whether they have any gaps in their skill levels before taking the actual assessments?
At the Tennessee Career Center, a pre-assessment, which is an abbreviated version of the actual assessments, can be taken to determine if additional training is necessary. Two pre-assessment and training tools are used, and they are KeyTrain and Worldwide Interactive Network (WIN). Both are administered online; therefore, our customers can study at home or at any of the career center locations.

For customers who would like to close job specific skills gaps, staff can compare a job or occupational profile with the assessment results of an individual and quickly identify skills gaps that the individual has for that particular occupation. Alternatively, the assessment results can be used with KeyTrain's and Worldwide Interactive Network’s (WIN) on-line occupational databases to select jobs for which the candidate is either qualified, requires minimal training, or is interested in.

Once the occupation and skills gaps are identified, WorkKeys has developed guidelines for training curriculum to close the gaps. WorkKeys published these guidelines for developing curriculum as the Targets for Instruction series.