In-House Training

KeyTrain and WIN are comprehensive systems for improving the basic skills helps in assessing potential WorkKeys scores measured by the WorkKeys Employment System.

Azimuth Compass Interactive

(Microsoft Office Tutorials)

Computerized software training in Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint that features audio and video interactive lessons that simplifies a computer-based, self-paced learning environment.

Online Testing and Job Placement System used by Training Facilities and Employers available for the following areas:

Microsoft Office7,Word Perfect 8 and 9, Data Entry (Ten Key, Numerical and Alphanumeric), English Language & Reading Comprehension,General Clerical Grammar & Spelling, Internet Explorer, Typing & Audio Transcription, Business Letter Compose and Edit,Windows 9 (XP) and Word Pro.


(Academic Learning and Assessment Software) 

PLATO is a computer-based learning system for Kindergarten through adult learners, offering curricula in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and life and job skills.

Basic Computer Applications

Self-directed course that allows students to work at their own pace and still provide a basic foundation for computer operation. Designed for one who has no computer or keyboarding skills.

Winway Resume
Innovative software with video and audio that assists customers in building quality resumes and cover letters.

Customer Service (Telephone Doctor) Web Based Curriculum

Telephone Doctor is a complete Customer Service Video Training Library delivered through the Internet. The training consists of high quality video chapters, measure retention with online quizzes, view post-quiz feedback, print key point reminder and earn certificates of completion - directly from your desktop.

Coin Jr.

The most well-known middle school computerized guidance program allows students to explore occupations and high school subjects.


A self-administered system that measures a customer’s aptitude and interest through reliable assessment tasks. The results are instrumental in helping an individual choose an appropriate and meaningful career or course of study.

Career Coach

Web based career assessment that does an analysis of an individual's thinking style, occupational interests, and job-related behavioral traits. It guides in the development of a successful career.

Employment Inventory (Identify Job Readiness Status)

Software consists of four pre-employment tests used to predict on-the-job-performance of job applicants and identifies which applicants are most likely to become productive and successful employees.

Employment Attitude/Awareness (Assesses Employability Attitudes)

Assesses individuals' awareness of employability-related attitudes and identifies attitudinal gaps through comparison of individuals' responses and employer’s expectations, and then provides prescriptions that help individuals close the identified attitudinal gap.

Tutorials consist of study sessions in these areas

Compass - College placement

Nursing Entrance Test (NET) - Pre-Assessment test for Practical Nursing Students

SAT - College placement preparation tutorial

ACT - College placement preparation tutorial

NCLEX - Practical and Registered Nursing State Board Exam Tutorials

Study Skills for Academic Success Workshop

This workshop prepares students for a post-secondary education learning experience through lectures, in-class activities, homework, and class presentations.