Jobs for Tennessee Graduates

Jobs for Tennessee Graduates (JTG) is designed to assist disadvantaged youth in graduating from high school and finding and keeping quality jobs. Through classroom instruction, community orientation and career association activities, students develop competencies in 37 essential employability skills. After leaving school, all students are provided follow-up services for a period of one year. JTG is an affiliate of Jobs for America’s Graduates, Inc. (JAG), a national non-profit public service corporation.

The South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance has become the first LWIA to have at least one JTG program in each of their school systems. Below are just a few of our students.


JTG youth displaying their Artistree puppets


JTG youth displaying their Artistree puppets

JTG youth

JTG youth

JTG youth

JTG Instructors and Contact Info: 

1.  Chana Lymon
Maury Co.-LWIA 10
Columbia Central & Mt. Pleasant HS

2. Lori Magee
Lawrence Co.-LWIA 10
Lawrence County HS
931-762-9412 ext. 5048

3. Frank Musgrave
Marshall Co.-LWIA 10
Marshall County HS

4. Gregg Lee
Wayne Co.-LWIA 10
Wayne County Technology Center
(Servicing Wayne County, Collinwood and Clifton High Schools)

5. Johnny Staggs Hickman Co.-LWIA 10
Hickman County & East Hickman County HS
931-796-3747 or 931-729-2616 or 931-729-3391
(Work-Lewis Co. Career Center 931-796-3747)

6. Michelle Williams  
Perry Co.-LWIA 10
Perry County & Lewis County HS
931-796-4085 or 931-796-4085
Perry County TN Career Center 931-589-5012

7. Terri Jones
Giles County-LWIA 10
Giles County & Richland HS
931-363-6532 or 931-527-3577

8. Vivian Cathey
JTG-LWIA 10, Program Manager