Career Pathways Pilot Program


Project Learn Adult Education, which is administered by the SCTWA, was one of five LWIA’s that received $44,000 in incentive grants for Adult Education and Family Incentive funds to host a “Career Pathway” program that would work with local employers to hire and train recent *HSE (High School Equivalency) graduates. Employers are provided with up to half of the employees’ wages for a period of 8 weeks during training. “The goal is to help these new graduates transition from student to being a productive employee,” explains Project Learn Director, Sheryl Jordan.

Patrick Garrett was the first successful completer of the program. He received his *HSE diploma in January 2014 and entered the Career Pathway pilot program in May working at IBEX Global in Spring Hill. “This program has been a really great way for me to get my foot in the door,” stated Garrett.

At the completion of his training, Patrick was offered a full-time position at IBEX Global and has since been able to purchase his first vehicle. “I feel really good about my future now. I want to move up within the company and exceed any expectations I may have previously had for myself.”

The program will run through June 2015 with plans to expand to Marshall County. The focus there will be on recent *HSE graduates that are 18-21 years old.

For more information call Janet Waire 931-490-3811
*Formerly known as the GED