Tennessee Code Academy


Tennessee Code Academy is a program of the Upper Cumberland Entrepreneurial Foundation. TNCA began in 2013 to help enrich Tennessee’s digital workforce by conducting workshops and camps for youth that focus on computer programming. In 2014, the 100 Girls of Code initiative was launched in order to encourage more young females to participate in computer science education programs and hopefully pursue a career in that field.

Lyric Mcgloffin a 2014 Mt. Pleasant High School graduate and current Columbia State student, not only participated in the SCTWA’s Summer Youth program, she attended the first TN Code Camp held at Northfield in the summer of 2014.

“The Code Camp was a great experience and introduced me to something that I never thought about liking,” stated Lyric Mcgloffin.

In 2015, TNCA launched Digital Pathways in order to allow communities all over the United States to conduct their own code camps and take ownership of their own digital literacy education.

TN Code Academy will be coming to Northfield again this summer. For more information go to:

Representing TN Code Academy and 100 Girls of Code: Sammy Lowdermilk and Lyric Mcgloffin