WIA Training And Education Services

TN Career Center Customer Scholarship/Individual Training Account (ITA)

Steps for Getting Into Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Funded Training

Meet with a Career Advisor at the TN Career  Center that serves your county to determine:

Research your career goals.  Computer software (available on computers in the Career Center) can help you with your research. Look for:

Review the training options in choosing the school/training provider. Investigate:

Select your career goal and your training provider. Then:

During your training, maintain monthly contact with your Career Advisor about your progress. Within 30 days of completing your training, contact your Career Advisor to begin job search preparation. Complete your training as well as any required testing for licenses and/or certifications. Begin your job search immediately and contact your Career Advisor if you need additional assistance. Check in with your Career Advisor every three months for a year after training with your progress.

Things to Remember:

1. Do not attend classes that you expect to be paid for by WIA funding until your training plan is completed, signed and approved by you and your Career Advisor.

2. Consult with your Career Advisor before signing any loan applications or contracts.

4. This program does not provide direct reimbursement to the student.

5. Once you have completed your training and begun your new career, keep in touch with your Career Advisor regarding your employment status.