Workforce Board

The vision of the Local Workforce Investment Board in Local Workforce Investment Area 10 is to successfully serve the people of Giles, Hickman, Lawrence, Lewis, Marshall, Maury, Perry and Wayne Counties by acting as a catalyst for collaboration among job seekers, employers and workforce development partners. By developing a system through education, training and access to resources that improves opportunities for the successful linking of job seekers and employers, the Board will help to create economic opportunity for the region and the state.

The specific goals of the Local Workforce Investment Board in Local Workforce Investment Area are to:

  • Streamline services
  • Empower individuals
  • Provide universal access
  • Allow increased accountability
  • Create a strong role for the Workforce Investment board with private sector collaboration
  • Allow local flexibility
  • Improve youth programs


South Central TN Workforceboard New Members

South Central Tennessee Local Workforce Board announces its newest Board members.
They are (L to R): William Wilson, Plant Manager Comfort Research LLC in Marshall County,
Kevin Vaughn, District Manager Fire Pro Protection/Local 669 Apprenticeship Program in Maury
County, Troy Akridge, Divisional Human Resource Manager, Lincoln Brass Works, Inc. Mueller
Industries in Wayne County and Hardin Franklin, Affiliate Broker with Bob White Realty in Giles
County. The local workforce board includes private and public sector members from eight counties
in the south central Tennessee area. Its focus is on engaging a diverse range of employers and
workforce partners to work together to grow a world class workforce through training and
employment services. The workforce board provides $2.2 million of training initiatives in funding
throughout the region.

10/18/2017 Workforce Board Meeting Packet

4/19/2017 Workforce Board Meeting Packet





Workforce Board Policies and Procedures


01 ITA policy

02 DW Relocation Policy

03 Youth Incentive Payments Policy

04 Post Placement Supportive Services Policy

05 Self-Sufficiency Policy

06 OJT Policy

07 Support Services Policy

08 Customized Training Policy

09 Out-of-Area Referrals

10 Paid Internship Policy

11 Local Fund Usage for IWT

12 Board definition of Add'l Youth Eligibility Criteria

13 Selective Service Policy

14 Minimum Participant Cost Rate Policy

15 Board Access

16 Youth Eligibility Policy

17 SCTWA Grievance and Compaint Resolution Policy & Procedures Form

18 SCTWA WIOA Conflict of Interest Policy

19 SCTWA Conflict of Interest (Service Delivery) Policy

20 SCTWA Transitional Regional Plan

21 Initial Assessment Policy and Form

22 SCTWA Verifying Identity and Employment Eligibility

23 SCTWA One Stop Certification

24 LWDA 10 Worksite Agreement Form & SCTWA Work-Based training Policy

25 SCTWA Local Governance

26 Electronic Case Files & File Management Policy

27 Interlocal Agreement between LWDA 10 and LEO 2017

28 Entity Serving as local board to staff

29 Monitoring Policy

30 Partnership Agreement Policy

31 SCTWA Property Management Policy

32 SCTWA Adult Priority of Service Policy and Procedure

33 SCTWA Co-Enrollment of AJC Customers Policy

34 Roles and Responsiblities of Chief Local Elected Officials Policy

35 SCTWA WIOA MOU-One Stop Services Delivery-IFA Agreement Policy

36 SCTWA Veterans and Eligible Spouse Priority of Service Policy